Grief to Giggles

This Mother’s Day was difficult and emotional due to the recent loss of my Precious Baby Girl.  I found myself struggling to get through Mass without adding what sounded like trumpet back-up to the choir from blowing my nose.  The boys way of dealing with this is to all climb on the pew to hug and hang on me.  Although sweet, not always what I need when I’m trying to pray for some peace.  This was especially trying on Mother’s Day.  Walking out of church I just couldn’t take the extra limbs growing from me anymore!  In a not very proud moment I yelled in the church parking lot, “I can’t get any peace anywhere, I can’t even pray!”  “It’s not worth it, we’re not even going to go to church anymore!!!  This scared two of my boys silent.  They had never heard me utter such words.  It, however, gave John a skip in his step as he responded, “Great Idea!!!”  Praise God for no peace!


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3 responses to “Grief to Giggles

  1. Carol

    Amy, I’m so sorry you had a hard day, but that Johnny is precious and I’m sure he helps you get through those moments. I’m so glad that you started this blog. At times when I still get frustrated with some of the things Danny does or says, it’s a reminder that there is humor in this life with these special kids as well as love. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Amy, sorry you had a rough Mother’s Day…ours wasn’t so great either as Juan was leaving the next day for his big deployment. I was super stressed and the boys felt it and we’re acting like maniacs. Just remember you are an amazing mother and your kids love you so much!

  3. Jeanne Fairbanks

    Amy, you have been given a gift and you are sharing it. That is all HE asks of you. I know Miss M is smiling with every word you write. She is there with you and now laughing out loud. Keep telling her all the stories. They will be a journey back to peace. I love and miss you. Jeanne

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