Love Thy Neighbor

If you are reading this and have ever had the privilege of being our neighbor you can visualize the following events and better yet, hear Johnny’s voice as you read.

As I relate the story I am realizing we sound like a bunch of uncivilized individuals.  I guess some would argue, you have boys that’s what they are, uncivilized.  I,  however, like the term, spirited.   Hey, you can call it denial I prefer eternal hope!

I had Johnny at the Doctor today for an appointment so his brothers were already home from school when we got home. 

Me:  Hi guys, how was  your day?

Timmy:  I had a bad day, I was on red.  

Me:  Why were you on red?

Timmy:  I can’t say.

Me thinking:  That’s never good.

Timmy:  Well, first I acted up in church and then I punched someone but I can’t tell you who.

After a great deal of time in his room he admitted that he punched the neighbor boy, who happens to be in his class.  Soooo, I call the neighbor to offer my shock and horror that my child would do that to his.  This after I forced his hand at a written apology, of which,  I wouldn’t allow him to include his desired secrecy clause.  The boys then hold a closed door meeting, spit, shake hands and all is well.  

The neighbor then says:  Did you hear what Johnny did on Sat?

Me:  Uuuh, No.

Neighbor:  I was out in the yard starting my mower and Johnny walked into your backyard and yelled over the fence, “Hey, keep it down over there I’m trying to watch some T.V.”

Thank God the man couldn’t help but laugh.  So see, we really are good neighbors.  That is, of course, if you don’t mind your kid getting beaten by a small fry and then reprimanded by a disgruntled 9 year old.   Should I tell him at least Johnny is out of his phase of sneaking into neighbors houses?  Naah, me either, I think I will bake him something instead.  Because, really, I can’t promise he won’t find Johnny someday in a corner of his  house watching T.V.  Just ask the Cul de Sac Crew!


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5 responses to “Love Thy Neighbor

  1. Emily

    I only hope some day I am lucky enough to meet that boy!

  2. Excellent writing Amy, I’d go and see “Johnny’s life” in theaters!

  3. Bridget

    I can picture the entire thing. Johnny, you never disappoint.

    What’s up with “Timmy”? I thought we were calling him “Timbo”!!

  4. Jody

    I want to be your neighbor! I’ll by pass the punching, but John would have an open door policy – I have plenty of TV’s!

  5. Olga

    I love it! As a member of the old hood I can attest to it. John preferred the peace, quiet and comfort of the TV in our master bedroom! I miss those days of carpooling with you and Bridget and
    happy hour in the cul de sac! 🙂

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