School Days

AAAH, I love school mornings!

 Making breakfast, packing lunches, finding school uniforms that are right under children’s noses, breaking up fights. 

This morning  the boys founds a whole new way for me to lose my mind.  The game of “you shut up, no, you shut up.”  Of course that phrase is considered a four letter word in our home.  It sounds horrible, even worse coming out of the mouths of my boys wearing their Catholic School Uniform!  Not to mention we pay good money for them to have a larger vocabulary than this and learn to “Do Unto Others.”

I thought I would beat them at their own game and get them where they live, you know it, after school T.V. time!  They wait in anticipation for this sacred time, they love it, they are not getting it today. 

Feeling very proud of my mean mommyness I loudly announced this to my screaming boys.  They fell silent, turned and looked.  My oldest then said, O.K., with some arrogance, I might add, turned again to his little brother, and said, “Shut-up!”  Then to me, “Bye Mom, love you” and walked out the door.  Followed by the little brother yelling,  “I know you are, but what am I?”

Being a good Catholic Mom I did the only thing I could.  Said, “I love you to and locked the door behind them!  Hey, it’s for the good of all, except, of course, my friend driving carpool.  Better go check my Karma


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2 responses to “School Days

  1. Jen

    Love it! Keep it coming 😉

  2. Jody

    all I hear is this simple line sang from my beloved friend’s mother as we would talk about others not so nicely…
    “they know we are Christians by our love, by our love, yes they know we are Christians by our love!”
    Amy – I still hear it in my head any time I find myself being mean or talking badly about anyone! Try singing a little of those great church songs next time, or better yet have their consequence be singing them for you! hahaha

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