I Weigh How Much?

In the past week all three strapping boys have had to have their weight checked.  Although close in age (the oldest boy was still 3 when my youngest boy was born) they are at extreme ends of the scale….literally, as evidenced by their Goldilock type reaction.

Big Bear:  “I can’t weigh this much, this scale must be wrong.” 

Medium Bear (Johnny):  “WOW, 84lbs!  No wonder I eat too much!

Little Bear:  “YEAH!  Look, I weigh 45lbs!!!”  “See, Mommy, someday I am going to weigh 50,” says the soon to be 8 year old!

Mama Bear:   (Thinking what poor parenting is causing the tipping of the scale ): 

 Big Bear, here is your organically grown carrot sticks.  Now wash it down with your deliciously cold, organic milk!

Medium Bear, I know you will enjoy organic chicken breasts, seasoned with lemon juice , which, of course,  was imported from an organic orchard via jet so as not to loose it’s freshness.  Yes, yes, that’s what I will feed you.

Baby Bear, my little bear, here is your bacon sandwich, with fresh avacado, a glass of whole milk and for your side, yes, my Little Bear, a Stick of  Butter.  Now, eat up and make good on your genetic disposition to chunkiness!

EEEH, who am I fooling, Chicken Nuggets and Fries for everyone!   Of course, it will have to be eaten in the car, cause we are going to be late for swimming!

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