Early Bird Gets the Worm

Johnny is an early bird.  I don’t care what the “Parenting Guru’s” say, there is nothing that is going to keep this boy in bed, asleep past 6 a.m.  It’s NOT happening. I have tried many things (which might be one reason for my disdain of the “Parenting Book”) and nothing is going to change my Johnny.  He is who he is and does, weell, some quircky things and I have the dark circles and bags to prove it.

In what some might call a passissive aggressive move, I have given him a few “little jobs”  in the morning that can only be done by someone awake enough to climb all the stairs in our house at this early hour.  And THAT is my Johnny!  Does he like it? NO!  Why?  Because he has the endurance and energy level of a geriatric.  He OWNS this, he has no shame.  So this morning, I realized I was out of cream for my coffee.  THIS is something that requires immediate attention and I’m not awake enough to climb those stairs, heck…. I haven’t had any coffee.

Me:  Johnny, go downstairs please and get me the half and half.  You know the milk for coffee.

Johnny:   (GGRRRROOOOAAAAAANING) very loudly!!  Do I have to?

Me:  Yes.

Johnny:  I hate that job!

Me:  Well, I don’t care.  We are a family and in a family you work to help each other. (That, by the way, is one of my favorite speeches to give)

Johnny to his Dad:  Well, then I’m quitting this job when I’m 10 becausee I’m sick of it!

Sorry my friend once you are in there is no escaping.  Besides…if anyone is escaping it’s going to be me!

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