The Perfect Plan

We are heading into Birthday Season in our family.  I am not much of a planner so it is complete fate that I had a baby in May, in June, in July, and August.  Birthday season used to send me into a panic of too many potential parties to plan ( I more prefer the throw together method).  This season has me longing for that chaos and planning anxiety. 

Our Precious Baby Girl would have been 2 on July 4th!  The pain of her loss is unbearable at best and immobilizing on really bad days.  She was a good example of what happens when you try to make plans and God just laughs. 

I thought I was done with  babies after 3 boys and several years of hearing, “wow, you have your hands full!”  Which I firmly believe is code for your kids are out of control maniacs.  And then we found out about God’s plan and our new surprise, BABY #4.

Pregnancy with Baby #4 did not go as planned either.  About half way through the pregnancy we learned that our Beautiful Baby would have Down Syndrome.   A few weeks later we discovered she had several congenital heart defects.  At the time this news completely turned our world upside down.  Frankly, we were scared!

We struggled with how to tell the boys about the new baby’s diagnosis.  Chosing the theory of “let’s not worry them” we said nothing.  We didn’t think it would be an issue for a while because we had been told that at birth the Down Syndrom features are not noticeable to many.  Once again, selling the boys short, we thought that was a safe bet.  Frankly, we thought they wouldn’t even notice.  Especially with Johnny, as he seemed the least excited about a baby.

So, the day after her Surpise 4th of July arrival her Big Brother’s came to meet her.  Her Big Brother and the Little Brother touched her, and oohhed and aahhed.  Exclaiming, she’s so cute, can we call her “Missy America” since she was born on 4th of July.

Me:  No, we picked her name.

Big Brother:  How about Betsy Ross?

Me:  No, I like her beautiful name.

Big Brother:  Can I call her Missy America for a nickname?

Me:  Sure.

Big Brother and Little Brother then take turns holding the baby.

In comes Johnny…….. walks over. ……….takes one look at his new sister and exclaims, “Hey Look, She’s Chinese!” 

So much for our plan!

Big Brother:  Do all babies look Chinese?

Me:  No honey, she has what is called Down Syndrome.

Brothers (In unison)  Oh. 

Big Brother:  Well, I don’t know why they say that, she looks fine to me.

Me:  Me to.

Brothers:  Now, can we take her picture?

What took me months to accept took them seconds.  My heart melted witnessing those brothers show their Uncondintional Love for their Precious Baby Sister. 

What a lesson for me.  I’m so glad I didn’t get the chance to manipulate the image in their head before she was born.

And another lesson………there ain’t no fooling that Johnny!  He may not always be watching but he’s not missing anything!

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  1. Jeanne

    Memories, what we can hold for a lifetime.

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