She Asked

Johnny loves his Cousin Amber.  She is 20 and lives with us while she goes to school.  He never calls her Amber.  She is always “Cousin Amber” or lately, Ambre.  Her job has her working at night so he has missed seeing her. 

 This morning he was very happy to see her.  Well………. as enthusiastic as he can be about someone if they are not Batman.    However, she does work at Starbucks so she does have elevated popularity when she comes bearing chocolate drinks for him.

He likes to keep close tabs on her so he began drilling her on what she was doing and where she was going.

Johnny:  Hey Ambre, were you on another sleep over?

Cousin Amber:  No, I was working.

Johnny:  Are you leaving for a sleepover?

Cousin Amber:  No.  I’m going to school.

Cousin Amber, forgetting you can’t beat Johnny at his game, thought she would grill him on what he was doing.

Cousin Amber:  What are you doing Johnny?  Why are you sitting on the step smiling?

Johnny:  Because…………….I’m thinking about what the world would be like without Miley Cyrus.

Johnny, music fans eveywhere salute you!

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One response to “She Asked

  1. Carol

    Oh that’s a good one!! Now I’m wondering that as well. Bravo Johnny!! Bravo!

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