Google It!

Sooo, that Little Brother is a PIECE OF WORK!  Always thinking, that one.  Well…..I should say…..always thinking about a way out of a sticky situation.  That is, with nothing stuck to him.  He is virtually blameless….just ask him.

The Little Brother just turned the Big 8 on Saturday. 

In hopes of changing some of his behavior of, for example,  hiding under his desk, pillows, etc. when upset ,I have been telling him (by suggestion) that when you are  7 frustration can be tricky but once you are 8 it will be sooo much easier.

I know, I know, a complete load of CRAP, cause at my…..well, let’s just say maturity level, most days I would also like to hide under a desk for the day.  Who wouldn’t?

My hopes were so high that this pep talk was working. 

Needless to say I wanted to hide in my car when they grabbed me out of carpool to get my child from under his desk. 

Once home, I tried to get out of him what he is thinking when he dives under that desk.  Yeeaah, I know, “Hey Lady, he’s not thinking, he’s 8!”

I repeated my new slogan:

Me:   “Now you are 8 this isn’t the behavior of an 8 year old.”

Little Brother:  Weeelll, Mommy, I have only been 8 since Saturday…….so…..I really don’t have all the information on 8 year old behavior.

May I suggest…….GOOGLE!?

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