Johnny, M.D.

Johnny has been harrassing members of the medical community since his birth within 25 minutes  of arriving at the hospital, during San Diego rush hour……I might add.

This has become a trend over the years.

Hmmm…..let’s see.  Yeeaap there was the mysterious rash as a newborn.  Then the rash from the sandbox, which required time in the isolation waiting room.

Oh yeeaahhh…..can’t forget those frenzied appointments when I begged the Doctor for answers about my anxiety ridden son with delayed speech…….as said child sat calmly in a chair and said, “excuse me kind Doctor, would you check my heart now?”

Not to forget when the Army Hospital went on lock down because Johnny escaped from the clinic only to be found in medical records sucking on his binky.  Yes…..we now know what “CODE PINK EMERGENCY” means.  And NO… is not code for bad parenting, at least that’s what I like to tell myself.

Then there are the nurses that took care of Precious Baby Girl.  When he woke up in the morning he would start yelling for Ms. Hannah to make his waffles!!!!  Thank God, she wasn’t a stickler for a job description.

Perhaps his best work, ONCE AGAIN, involved the neighbor.  That’s right….we are FUN neighbors.

Doing a kind, neighborly deed, I had to take Johnny with me to pick up my dear neighbor and friend from the Army Hospital.  She had had same day surgery (elbow) so she was waiting for us in the Post-Op recovery.

She was sitting up in her bed just waiting for the nurse  to get her discharge paperwork.  Johnny was carefully checking out everything in the room.  All was quiet….very, quiet…..and then, out of nowhere……..


Yeeaap…..Johnny learned Nurses don’t find that funny.   It is, however, a good way to get a free stethescope.  I mean….who doesn’t love a freebie??!!

Heeeey, I just had a great idea for Johnny……..MEDICAL SCHOOL!

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  1. Carol

    That’s pretty funny! I especially like the “Johnny learned Nurses don’t find that funny”. He knows how to make people pay attention doesn’t he? Love that kid!

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