Here, kitty, kitty

Let me start by saying we are not pet owners.  Sure….we have had the occasional gold fish and hamster….but if it doesn’t fit in a cage or bowl on a dresser… is not happening.

Of course the subject comes up a LOT!!  Mostly they beg for a dog.  Pretty much……yeeeaappp, all the time……I say no, remember, Daddy is allergic.

Weeelll, Daddy is allergic to cats but we have spread it across the whole category of pets with fur.  This still doesn’t stop the begging as they have even asked for a Naked Mole Rat.  “Daddy can’t be allergic, Mom, there is NO FUR.  Have I mentioned they are SMART boys?!

This doesn’t make us bad parents.  I like to think it makes me a woman who knows her limits on nurturing……after this year, I am tapped out…..and that is putting it mildly.

In retrospect, there has never been as much heartbreak over not having a cat as there has been over a dog.

Johnny has generally been the silent partner in the quest for a pet.  Therefore, I didn’t realize he has some strong opinions.  Weeelll, once again, I was WRONG.  We were leaving a retirement party on Saturday night.  I thought Johnny was all worn out from his night of performing (stay tuned for that special edition).

As we were walking to our car …….a cat was making himself cozy on the steps of the house.  Johnny briefly observed the cats activity and pronounced the following:


Me:  Don’t say things like that, Johnny.

Johnny (ignoring his mother) :

Heeyyy, Kitty Cat…..Sorry to bust your bubble……but BATS are waaaayyyyy COOLER!!!

Hope lawn mowing works out……… cause cat sitting is off the job list.

I now have some research to do……..I better come up with an explanation for Daddy’s mysterious BAT ALLERGY.  Yeah….cause that’s why we won’t get a bat.

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