Pants Optional?

I don’t know what it is about the Little Brother, but he is completely uninhibited when it comes to covering up.  I know, I know, you might be thinking this is so cute for a little guy.  But he is EIGHT now and being cute only gets you so far………. so, PLEASE COVER UP!!

He is the one that starts taking his pants down as he is walking across the house to the bathroom.  Not a problem, you say……well……kind of a problem when he does the same thing in any public venue, including church, and let me remind you, the Catholic Church is not the most liberal place to show your tighty whities.

Well, let me back track, once he did this at church and that, my friends, is how I knew he had worn his church clothes over his PJ’s.  Because after answering Mother Nature’s call he had walked, actually trotted into church while pulling up his pants and displaying his spider man jammies to the congregation.  Of course, the week we picked to sit up close!

So……, I bellowed at Little Brother in the basement to get his shoes on so we could take Cousin Amber to work at Starbucks.  Okay, Okay, I’M COMING, was the reply.  Moments later he met me at the front door.

I assumed I would  see said Brother in his School PE Uniform.  And yes, we know what happens when we ASSUME .   Just one problem, though….

Me:  Hey, where are your pants?

Little Brother:  I don’t need them.

Me:  Uuuhhh……aaannd why is that?!

Little Brother:  Cause, I’m just riding in the car.  I don’t need pants for that.

What does his mental check list look like?:

Catholic School uniform shirt – check!

Star Wars underwear – check!

Pants  –  AAHHH, who needs em?!

Hope he doesn’t develop the same theory for the SWIM TRUNKS.  We have enough exposure at the pool already!!

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  1. Margaret herr

    Amy! I totally get it. People only see your upper half in the car. You really don’t need trousers on. Its like the news caster who sits at the desk the whole broadcast. Who knows what’s foing on down there? Tell the little man he’s got his head on straight!

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