Johnny is a lucky boy.  He is able to say exactly what is on his mind and he doesn’t care who you are.  Even better……the kid has no idea what a regret is……he’s never had one!!!!  Aaahhh…….The LIFE.

So…….you know the annoying cell phone people.  The one who never remembers to silence their phone.  Or my favorite, the one talking very loudly in a store, restaurant or gym!  Well, I think I have just the boy for them.

Today Johnny was relaxing…….as always……..watching his favorite Batman show, which he has programmed every TV in the house to switch to whenever it is on…….and I am not even making that up.  Don’t get me started on the closed caption.

Anywho…..he was watching his show when Daddy’s cell phone kept going off.  You have to have a secret code to access Daddy’s top secret phone so it just kept ringing.  I was just trying to crack the code when Johnny made the following pronouncement:


I think what he meant to say was, “Happy Father’s Day Dad, could you please quiet your phone so I can enjoy my program.”  Yeeeaaaahhh……I couldn’t even keep a straight face typing that.  Sure, I could have given him the “we don’t talk like that” lecture……BUT REALLY…..don’t we all want to??!!

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