I Just Work Here

What is it about summer time employees?  Do they answer an ad that says, “If you are tired, cranky and hate the world and everyone in it, apply today!”

Yesterday, the boys were invited to a birthday party at a water park.  And let me tell you if anyone should’ve been cranky it should have been the Mom that planned the party.  Sixteen boys and the waterpark had a mechanical problem……… and did not appear to be opening anytime soon.

With the joy on the faces of the park employees, it was a shame that we could not stay and enjoy their company.  But with SIXTEEN BOYS to entertain we can’t just stand around and smile at these people all day.

So we packed up and went to Water Park II.  Yeeaaah, no mechanical problem……but…….same people loving employees.   I have a cure for those sour pusses, JOHNNY!!

I mean, really, how can you see this kid walk in the gates and not just laugh your a#* off.  So, if he calls you Mr. Lifeguard, and you are in fact a MS., think of it as Karma Baby, Karma.

He did manage to get the CRANKY  Dip N Dots lady to smirk.  As I might have mentioned before, Johnny loves ice cream.  He would walk on hot coals for a scoop.  But this Dip N Dot business….weeelllll, let’s just say it messes with his sense of the ice cream experience.

So…….he orders his chocolate ice cream (his fave!!!) and waits in anticipatory excitement………only to receive a bowl of teeny tiny balls.  He takes one look at his “ice cream”, one look at the “Smiling” lady and declares:

“Hey Lady, I don’t mean to bust your bubble, but this does not look like Chocolate Ice Cream to me!”

Yeeeeaaaah, like He said.  So Lady, take a tip from “The Good Humor Man” and my Johnny, get some “real” ice cream and serve it with a SMILE!!!  Cause, if you can’t smile at my Johnny, then you got more trouble than pushing “imitation” ice cream and I’m afraid my public service announcements won’t help either!

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