See and Be Happy

Our Precious Angel

That Johnny, he is ONE OF A KIND and we are sooooo LUCKY in many ways.  First, because he fills our life with laughter when we need it the most and second if I had more than one of him I would never sober up!

With some seriousness I might share that at school there are different times he has to have help from the Special Education teacher.  This has a certain amount of irony because if you know him you soon learn he is one of the smartest boys you will know, and at times, a pretty deep thinker for a 10 year old boy!

At the end of June we set out on our National Lampoon family roadtrip to Grandma’s house in Chicago.  The trip was complete with Air Conditioning that went out 3 HOURS into a 12 HOUR DRIVE!!  And YES, it was about as much fun as you can imagine.  The air-conditioning was only topped by Little Brother’s broken arm (more on that at a later time).

There was a great deal of excitement about getting to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  The boys love to be with all their cousins and they were going to get to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s new lake house!!  I’m sure Grandma and Grandpa were just as excited to have  11 of their grandchildren plus parents under one roof.  I mean…..who wouldn’t……..right??

At least menu planning was easy….Hotdogs all around….nitrates and animal bi-products……..Who Cares!!!???

There was also a certain amount of sadness to our trip.  July 2 was 8 months without our Precious Baby Girl and on July 4 would have been her 2nd Birthday.  We miss her so and there are absolutely no words to convey the physical pain and emptiness your heart feels with this amount of grief.

Precious Baby Girl was laid to rest in Chicago and we were also there for her Birthday.  Johnny knew this and was concerned if I was going to be too sad.  As I said, he is pretty smart and intuitive.  I was TOO SAD and there was no getting around the fact.  He sensed there would be trips to the cemetery and he was not up for that.

As he wisely says,

“I remember her in my mind, I don’t want to go the cemetery, no thank you!”

He then found me looking at the above picture of our Angel and suggested the following:

Johnny:  Mommy, I don’t think you should go to the cemetery.

Me:  Why not, Johnny?

Johnny:  It will just make you sad and you will cry.

Me:  You don’t like when I cry.

Johnny:  Yeah, I don’t like when you cry.  Instead of going to the cemetery, you should just look at this picture….then, instead of feeling sad you will see her face and feel happy.

Me (already crying):  Yes, Johnny, I know.  And Johnny, you are one smart boy and I LOVE YOU!!!

Johnny:  I know.

Most times I think Johnny has it right.  I think at times, he takes a look around at our crazy family and thinks, “And I’m the One in Special Ed.”

And Johnny you are so right…..How can I look at this Precious Baby Girl and not feel a smile in my heart?

We Love You Baby Girl!!

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  1. cheryl

    I absolutely LOVE your posts! It is a treat for me to read them each time. My family has come to know when I am chuckling at the computer…it must be your posts I’m reading! You have such a special family and a special gift..keep on writing…and when you publish your book…I will be in line for a book signing! Take care, Cheryl Hutcheson Pocrnich

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