Next Stop, Hollywood!

Before you view the following video let me just say that in my home I try to raise polite, respectable boys that respect each other and all human life.  And I think I have almost accomplished that.   Buuuttt……How does the saying go?  Almost only counts in horshoes….or something like that.

The saying must be true because despite my best efforts the following video contains crime and violence…… least, I thought it was my best effort.  But I guess not making eye contact the first 4 years of their life they didn’t take me seriously.

Oh yeah, we also don’t swear and as a general rule……and I stand firm on this one……I don’t let Johnny drive…..despite the begging and accusations of treating him like a TEN YEAR OLD.  And I only do this because…….yes folks…….he is TEN YEARS OLD!!!!

Soooo…..consider this your Viewer Discretion Advisory.

But, while it might have crime and mild violence,I am still soooo proud of this work.  Why?…..You wonder.  Weeelllll…….let me just take a moment to BRAG that while they were shooting at each other, stealing money and  running over pedestrians……they were NOT watching T.V. or playing VIDEO GAMES folks, NOR…….. did they ask to.  So that MY DEAR READERS and that alone might just make me condone all that illicit behavior.  Oh yeah, and possibly a shot at the ever illusive MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!!!!   Okay….I admit that’s a stretch.

Anyhooo, my boys are CONVINCED that this will make them famous.  I, however, deter them from childhood stardom by showing cautionary tales of  Gary Coleman and Ms. Lohan.

Please….grab a beverage and enjoy the following 6 minute feature of “Secret Agent Hotdog”.  It is written and directed by Big Brother and stars Johnny and the Little Brother.  Enjoy!!!!

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  1. Mary Malinowski

    They kind of remind me of an amped up Men In Black…

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