The truth is….

Johnny is and always has been his own boy.  I would say he is Definitly comfortable in his own skin.  More than I can say for a lot of us.   He’s also all about the COLD HARD TRUTH, so………if you don’t like it being pointed out that say……… your tummy ain’t so firm after four babies………….(clearing throat) not me, of course, just hypothetically………then Johnny might not be your go to buddy.

Being his OWN BOY, he has his rituals, and word to the wise………don’t try to interfere.  The fall out ain’t pretty!

His morning ritual might be the most sacred.  He loves his cereal.  He also loves the BIG cereal bowl in the cabinet.   He insists on filling up the bowl to the rim.  Try as I might there is no telling him otherwise.

This morning I happened to be in the kitchen during his breakfast ritual.   I was watching him fill the bowl to the rim with the chocolaty goodness cereal he absolutely loves (which Dad buys and I cringe) and then gritted my teeth as I watched the milk have the lava effect.  I know, I know, no use screaming over spilled milk.  Now milk and cereal…….I could have a strong case for a good yell.  But on this morning I was not up for the fight when the bowl began to erupt.

Me (frustrated Mommy voice):  See, Johnny, that is why…………..

Then before I could finish my statement about too much cereal, now a big mess, etc., etc.  He really out smarted me…….ONCE again……….which isn’t hard.

Johnny:  WHAT?  That is why I’m autistic?

Me:  Left speechless, I said nothing and drank my coffee.  Maybe the caffeine would provide me with the brainpower to respond to this.  I’ll cut to the chase……….it didn’t.  I felt a certain pang hearing him state this fact.  But it didn’t bother him, so ON with the day!

This day was also our Saintly neighbors birthday so we were living it up and going with them for “COLOSSAL DOUGHNUTS”.  And yes…….they are THAT good.  We were trying to get all of the kids in the car for the big time adventure.  Johnny took off in the house and was inspecting the toys.  I think all of us were yelling:.

Come on Johnny, let’s get in the car, no time for toys right now, we are going for doughnuts.  To which he replies:

OKAY, OKAY, what do you think, that I’m autistic?

Johnny:  (Answering himself)  Oh yeah, that’s right, I am.

I stand there, once again speechless, with a familiar pang.

Johnny piles into the car.  Then yells at his Little Brother, who is sitting in Johnny’s favorite spot.

Johnny:  Knock it off, move over, are you autistic?

Little Brother:  No, I’m not, you are!  You’re the only one in the car that is!!!!!

Johnny:  No, I’m not!

Brother and Neighbor Kids:  YES, YOU ARE!!

Johnny:  Oh yeah, that’s right.  Are we getting doughnuts now?

That’s my Johnny!  He was born to be incredible.  He is his own man.  Label it how you will,  he is more secure and in tune with himself than most “grown ups.”  Oh yeah, and the kids, they just call it how they see it and don’t try to “modify” his behavior.  Pummel him for it…..may be…….modify it, not!  I think it’s pretty clear who should be in charge of this asylum.

Europe, here I come!!!!!


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2 responses to “The truth is….

  1. Good grief, you know my name :)

    This is so book worthy. I am hoping that one day we will be sipping wine together bought with your royalty money.

  2. The Original Amy

    Labels suck! Glad John is comfortable in his own skin. He is a blessing.

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