In the Name of Love

Dinner cannot be a CULINARY MASTERPIECE every night.  I mean who can keep up that kind of pace?  Anyway, wouldn’t it just spoil the children.  It’s kind of like I’m giving a gift to a future wife (God help her) who would be so lucky to be with my boys.  Hey, they cook and have low expectations for dinner time.  Kind of makes them the Most Eligible already, don’t you think?

Whatever mind games get me through the day, right?  Hey! don’t judge, it is survival of the fittest after all.

Johnny, however, does have higher expectations for his meals.  Mostly, he expects pizza or hotdogs.  At least that is what he would prefer to be servedBut,  I we can’t have a spoiled Johnny so I rock his world with different culinary delights.  And he wasn’t seeing it my way.  Thus his less than thrilled reaction to my “cooking.”

Johnny:  Mommy, why did you make me this turkey sandwich on a circle hamburger bun for my dinner?

Me:  Because I LOVE YOU!!!, that’s why.

Johnny:  Yeeaah.  Now, what’s the REAL reason!?

BUSTED!!!  Well, Johnny, I took some age old advice.  I couldn’t take the heat so I got the H**L out of the kitchen.  Oh, and I Love YOU!

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