It Happens

Well, he LOOKS innocent enough!

So……apparently, Johnny is working on expanding his vocabulary.  A good thing, right?  Considering it seems to be his FOUR LETTER VOCABULARY  that is growing, I tend to think, WRONG!

Really, how much closer can I monitor the Boy?  Okay, okay, I could set my alarm to get up before him……… but since that would be about 4 a.m. I have preferred the fear of God method (also known as taking away the legos).   I fear  due to his early rising he is catching Cartoon Network at the end of  “Adult Swim.”  Or the way things sound, right SMACK in the middle of it!  At least that is my theory after he had trouble getting his shoes on.

Me:  Johnny, go get your shoes on we will go to the book store.

Johnny:  Okay, okay, can I get a Batman Comic?

Me:  Just get your shoes.

Johnny goes to other room to find his shoes.

Johnny (from other room)  SH*T!  The darn shoe won’t go on.


Johnny (all innocent sounding) Sorry, Mom I didn’t know sh*t was a bad word.

Why do I try?

What can I say **it happens!  Especially, around here!  Darned shoe.

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