There will be a Quiz!

Johhny studying his vital information! Oh wait, he must've grabbed the wrong book by mistake!

I’m not proud of the following fact……….but………….given the fact that our life has been MORE than turned upside down the last 2 years………………I’m not quite sure I remember my address and phone number(S)!

As a kid, didn’t we have this burned in our brain by the age of FOUR!  Not even like I was the smartest kid in town and I pretty much nailed that quiz.

Sadly, I don’t believe Johnny and Little Brother would pass the quiz.  I know, I know, this is important information, what do you mean they don’t know it?  What kind of mother are you?  Well………………….. I’m the Military kind of Mother.  I like to uproot my kids every year or two, put you in a new home, new school, and then scramble like H**L, to make your life feel normal and cheer you on about all the new friends you will make.  And most of the time this is done with only one parent doing the move to a house we just found a few weeks before moving in.  And prior to moving in, said children have been living out of color coded duffel bags for a month or more and are lucky if they know what city they are in.  Let alone addresses or phone numbers.

Not to mention, sure I nailed the quiz as a youngster, but I never moved and there was only one phone number involved.  The HOME one.  Now, it’s a little like learning the State Capitals……….home phone, mom cell, dad cell, dad work.  Now, change these every year or so and see how it goes.  I mean, we all know some “adults” that can’t remember their home phone numbers.

And anyways, my boys never have to call me………… because why?  WE ARE A MILITARY FAMILY, WE ARE ATTACHED AT THE HIPS!!!!  You need to call me?  Just yell into the other room!

But, be that as it may (I learned to use this as a student teacher when I didn’t know how to respond to a student)……..I decided to give this mark of GOOD PARENTING one more college try.  No one can call me a quitter.  I remember I read once that it is good to have important conversations in the car, you are supposed to have their undivided attention this way.  Whoever wrote that never met my particular type of children.  Anywho……… preparing for the upcoming school year I decided to check in with Johnny to see if he had committed all of this vital information to memory.

So…………in my best chipper Mommy voice I went for it:

Me:  (With chipper voice!) Hey, Johnny, what’s our phone number?

Johnny:  WHAT??  Your FORGOT?!!  GREAT, that’s just GREAT!!!!  NOW, what are we going to do?!

Me:  No Johnny, I want to see if you know it? So let’s practice together.

Johnny:  Why?  Because you forget to?

Me:  NO!  I remember it.  Now I want you to remember!

So we did a couple of repeat after me drills.  The enthusiasm just wasn’t there on Johnny’s part.  Finally, after the third read through he states (with no chipperness):

“Mommy, just write it on a piece of paper and put it in my pocket, then if I need to know I’ll just read the paper.”

Oh Johnny!  I would splurge on an ID bracelet but Johnny, of course, is smarter………I’ll use paper, this address is only good for a few more months anyways.  Better yet, I’ll write on his hand in Sharpie.  I’ve watched him bathe, it won’t come off until the next move anyways.

Can’t wait till school starts and he tells his teacher, “My mommy can’t fill this out this form, she doesn’t know our phone number.”  Hey, I’ve read this book, I know how it ends.  My kids love to rat me out.  Better go study!

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  1. Jeanne

    Amy you have a gift for keepin us smilin. I hope it puts a smile on your face every now and again.

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