Hail Mary!

Johnny never (well, mostly never) wears hats.  Today he discovered a “cool” baseball hat to wear.  He happens to be one handsome kid and he did look kinda COOL………so he wore said hat everywhere today.  When Johnny likes something he goes BIG!

He doesn’t start his school year until after Labor Day, but The Brothers started today.  Us Catholics like to torture our children with as much school, church and prayers as possible!!  Even better we like to tie it all into one.  (kind of like a cable tv package).  Thus was born THE CATHOLIC SCHOOL!!!  Johnny hasn’t quite taken to Jesus like his brothers……sooooooooooooo………………let’s just say we are sitting on his Catholic School Application for another year or so (or 2 or 4).

Johnny was my go-with guy for picking up The Brothers today.  Couldn’t take the One Hour carpool line so I went in to sign them out.  Johnny in tow, hat and all.

We enter the school.  I scribble our carpool number on The List,  turn to see where Johnny had gotten to.  And LORDY, LORDY, Baseball Fans!!……… I had me a vision of the Virgin Mary!!!  And she was wearing……………………YOU GUESSED IT!! a WHITE SOX BASEBALL HAT!!!

Me:  JOHNNY, get your hat off of her!  That’s the Virgin Mary!!!

Johnny:  Oh.  I thought it was a hat rack.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe a re-dip in the waters?




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5 responses to “Hail Mary!

  1. MOC

    You should be praising Jesus in thanksgiving that it wasn’t a CUBS hat!

  2. Sue

    That’s funny Amy.

  3. Kathy K

    I am saying 3 Hail Mary’s for you tonight! That has to be the most hysterical thing I have ever heard! 🙂

  4. Jeanne

    Johnny keepin it simple. I think him and Whoopi ought to get together for another Sister Act!

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