Ain’t No Wimp!

Mental combat fatigue is/has kicked in.  As I said before, The Brothers have started school so it is just Johnny and I this week.  What fun we are having!  He is on fire, as his Daddy likes to say.  And if he doesn’t cool down I’m going to end up having to use a special straw to start my Mini-Van I’m so attached to because the required alcohol to keep me from snapping will possibly never makes it’s way out of my system!!   There, so now that’s out of my system.  That is the rant, not the alcohol.

Johnny can be a Hot Mess, as the new/old saying goes.  Always thinking that one, and you never quite know what he is thinking about.  Probably don’t want to know.  Might be kind of scary  to know just how frickin smart that kid is!!

This morning I wasn’t quite appreciating his uniqueness and was wishing for some normalcy, whatever THAT is!!!  I just wanted him to get through his Dr.’s appt., run some errands, and go to his school to meet his teacher.  All things that one would think you just do, don’t think about and nothing significant happens to let you remember.  DEFINITLY  not the case and never will be!!!

I don’t know how to describe the events of the day,  so I will just give you the random quotes in somewhat the order that they appeared.

At Breakfast:

To his Big Brother who just started Middle School:  Is anyone going to shut you in your locker and beat you up today?  (Looking out for him or wishful thinking?  Not Sure either).

On having a headache:  Quit talking Mommy, you are making my head hurt worse!  (Yeah kid, try again, not the first time I’ve heard that one!)

On Going to the Doctor:

They are not going to give me a Big Shot are they?  I mean the needle kind.  (I hope the Nurse isn’t packing heat today)  Then again, she does know Johnny.

When getting his vitals:

Blood Pressure Taken:  Are you trying to blow up my arm with that thing.  Hey!!  It’s squeezing my arm, what are you trying to do to me.  Nurse says, calm down and count to 15.  Johnny says, that’s  lame!  Then count backwards.  Johnny says, Also LAME!!  Then count backwards starting at 100.  Now that shut Johhny up.  But the nurse was then the victim of the evil eye.

Weight check:  Hey, are you calling me fat?!

Being Meaured:  You better not drop that thing on my head!!


On Getting a Back to School Haircut:  Don’t be cramping my style!!  (Style, have you seen what you are wearing, kid!)

On Reading:  I only read comic books.  (That’s what you think kid, you just sealed your future of owning and reading as many Newberry Medal winners I can get my hands on!)

On Being Handsome:  I  DON’T go for handsome.  I am COOL JOHNNY, NOT HANDSOME.  (He is right, he is a kinda cool kid but so darn good lookin  but that’s just my opinion.)

Greeting the School Principal:  HEY!  Is he still in charge of THIS PLACE?  (Guess until Johnny walks through the doors next week).

Pheewwwww!!  This only covers about TWO HOURS  of his day.  I promise I was only zoned out during the other parts not passed out!!!

Well, time to order some stylin COMBAT BOOTS,  pull myself up from my SPORTS BRA straps and get back in the battle.    And that Johnny can sniff weakness a mile away.  Better get a jog and some push ups in there to!!!!!   Afterall, I ain’t no QUITTER!!!! and I’m NO WIMP EITHER!!!!

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