A Brother’s Love

The Big Brother just started Middle School this week.  I am/have been waiting with defensive anticipation for all that bad attitude and backtalk.  Don’t get me wrong, he is more than capable of all that and more.  HOWEVER,  he amazes me with heart and compassion.  I don’t know how that tender heart made it into that BIG LUG of a boy!?  But I am very grateful!

This morning I was sitting here having a bit of a pitty party and longing like you can’t imagine to see my Precious Madeline.  Sitting here checking e-mail I came across something he sent last night to his Aunt/God Mother.  I  had no idea he had even made the following video!  So glad he did.  Because of this Boy that can make me crazy I have this wonderful record of these “Little Moments” that are a treasure to me.

It is also a testament to the Love and Longing he also has for His Precious Baby Sister, Maddie!

Here is a short insight into some of our Moments With Madeline.  We Miss You Baby Girl!!  Keep watch over those Brothers who Love and Miss you So!!!!!


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11 responses to “A Brother’s Love

  1. Christine McGovern

    Wow! Madeline has give your boys a lifetime of lessons in unconditional love. They will keep that with them forever. Tell Richie he did a great job and next time he is in I could use some help with the computer. 🙂

  2. Amy, I am trying to type through my tears. The video is so precious. What a wonderful gift for you to have and hold. It’s even more special that Richie made it. I love his sweet voice talking to his baby sister…
    Don’t ever really worry about your boys. Not only do they have you and Rich to guide them on Earth but they have the sweetest baby angel sitting on their shoulders…

  3. Carol

    What a precious video/gift your sweet boy made. He is beyond amazing at times with his love for his sister. I have no other words for how much this touched my heart. Way to go big brother!

  4. Susan Shea

    Dear sweet Richie. What an amazing boy you have! His love for Madeline is beautiful. He would share with the class just how special she was to everyone who met her. What a gift he created with this video. I am not surprised at all. Richie is bright, creative and has a heart of gold. Please know that I always keep the O’Connells in my prayers. Thanks for sharing Madeline with all of us. She is a gem! Ms. Shea

  5. Cara Pestorius

    Beautiful! Love this and miss you all! xoxoxoxo

  6. Sue O'Connell

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. Richie, you did a wonderful job.

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  8. Here from the future of Time Warp Tuesday. What an incredible, beautiful gift … and what a special little boy you have. Thank goodness that sometimes they don’t listen to us. xo

  9. Such sweet interactions between Big Brother and Sweet Madeline. If he was going to have selective listening, this was a good way to go.

  10. Oh Amy! I am here from the future via Time Warp Tuesday and typing through my tears… What an incredible and truly priceless gift to have the video of your Sweet Madeline taken from the perspective of her adoring Big Brother! I LOVED hearing the things he said to her and how she reacted with love and affection! I laughed as much as I cried watching your children interact and that is so amazing. I can imagine how bittersweet it is for you to watch this, but also how special and comforting to get to see your baby girl so full of life. What sweethearts you have on this Earth and watching over you. Thank you so much for sharing.

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