He’s Got That Learnin Feeling

Social Studies project dilemma solved.  How?  Tutor hired!!!  Finally…………a project done and I am not trying to chew my arm off!

……And when she left………….GET THIS…………..the Tutor was still smiling.  I think her and I are going to have a long, beautiful relationship!  Might even buy her something for Sweetest Day!

Perfect fit……..her Mom teaches Johnny at school, so everyone is on the same page and doesn’t take any crap about what “he can’t” do.  He tries that on a newbe in a heartbeat. 

Johnny is in love with her but playing hard to get.

A conversation from school.

Teacher – I heard rumor that my Megan is going to come teach you at home. 

Johnny (speaking with the utmost unenthusiasm) – Yeeaah, well, that’s all it is……..a rumor.  Now, when’s recess?

Lover of Learnin……………Thaaaaattt’s Johnny!!   Can’t get enough of that knowledge.  Maybe we should name a school after him??  At least the Cafeteria!

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One response to “He’s Got That Learnin Feeling

  1. cheryl hutcheson pocrnich

    Amy, your posts always confirm what I already know without actually ever meeting him……I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!! Cheryl

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