Irish Eyes Are Smiling

I love EVERY photo I have of our Sweet Baby Girl.  They are now on the top of our most treasured belongings.  Many of them are on display in our home.  A LOT of them, actually, but I can’t bring myself to remove any of her remaining presence from our home.  Somedays and nights, I just stare at Her Beautiful Face, and fill myself with her memory.  This is not hard to do as I am thinking about her on a pretty constant basis.  Trying, trying to find a way to dull the ache.  I guess when I just look at her photos I can be with my Precious Memories of Madeline and that Ohhh TOO short of time she graced our lives with her Sweetness.

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

As a friend said, “She filled your lives with wonder.”  Yes………that is an excellent way to put it.  It fills one withWONDERto go from “Why me? why me?  God, what am I going to do, and feeling sad that your baby is going to have Down Syndrome to, a feeling of ABSOLUTE, UNCONDITIONAL, LOVE AND AWE as to how WE have such a Precious, Precious, Sweet Baby Girl and at time the Awe and Wonder to look into her eyes and the feeling and wonder of, “I think I am staring into the face of God.”  I think she has wisdom of all the Angels and Saints with the gaze in her lovely eyes.

So….I wanted to share the above and following photos of Madeline.  I remember this day as clear a tape playing in my mind.  These photos were taken on a Wednesday, obviously before St. Patrick’s Day.  I know it was a Wednesday because we had no nursing care on this day and it was her and I, left to our own devices.  Wonderful stay at home bonding time, as with her trach, I was not able to drive alone in the car with her.  It was a blessing, actually, to have quiet time at home with her.

Irish Princess

As I was saying……………..On this day, I dressed her in all her St. Patty’s day finery that Grandma O’C sent.  Complete with HUGE bow and all and we had a photo session.  These are only 3 of out 25 pictures I took that day.  She is in all types of all over the place positions.  At this time, due to all of her hospital time, she was still not able to sit on her own, but, of course, that did not deter me.  I held Little Body between my feet, would lean back as far as possible, and start snapping until gravity got the best of her.  One thing I love about this day is she was getting VERY annoyed with me but in True Baby Girl style she SMILED away.

Thank you Sweet Baby Girl for leaving Mommy such a Sweet and Precious Memory for St. Patty’s Day.  You were and are one SASSY LASSY.  Kisses please?


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2 responses to “Irish Eyes Are Smiling

  1. Jeanne Fairbanks

    amy, what a great way to remember her…her giggles, her smiles. she spoke so much through her facial expressions and her eyes. Thanks for continueing to share her with us.

  2. Beautiful pictures – thank you for sharing. My thoughts are with you and Madeline. Take care.

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