Did you see that??

Day 4 – NaBloPoMo  – Still having fun………..Honest, I am!

The Big Brother has been playing baseball since he was a  ditch digging daisy picker in t-ball.  Many of those early games were a bit painful to watch.  God blessed the Big Brother with a huge hearta relatively intelligent mind, and a very squirrely disposition.  The aforementioned disposition did not always bode well in the game of baseball.  Many an inning were spent in right field, which seems to be the land of the short attention span.

I am proud to report, I was there for it all.  Every short throw, missed fly and the always painful caught ball that doesn’t seem to be able to stay in the glove.  Didn’t miss a game, let alone an inning, not even a play…….until…………one season, one game…………sitting in the stands, proudly witnessing the massive improvement in his games skills.  He was playing machine pitch, his team was in the outfield and he was at pitcher position.  I don’t remember the score but do remember the team was protecting their undefeated season.  Vividly, I recall having a knotted stomach, hoping my boys stays alert out there.  Up walks the batter……………….and POOOWWWWW, he whacks that ball in mid-air, right down the middle…………..and then…………

Johnny drops this Thomas the Train under the bleachers.  Any parent of a child with autism, anywhere on the spectrum knows what can happen if such an event occurs.  Trust me it would not be enjoyable for anyone, so……………………I bend down to see where my nemesis, Thomas is, and the I hear the crowd go wild.  Another team Mom, “did you see that?  Did you see what your son did??……………………NO!!!!!!  

I look up to see The Big Brother valiantly displaying his glove with said wacked ball tucked safely inside.  He yells, Mommy, Mommy, DID YOU SEE THAT?  DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID??……………..and I say…………………………..YES, YES I DID!!!!

This, Dear Reader, is the absolute, hands down, BEST LIE, I ever told.

What am I pondering today?  “Am I good at telling lies?”  No, I am not.  I hate it.  My Dad used to tell me he could, “read my face.”  Guess I would get that “Oh S*i*” look about me.  I also remember the feeling of my insides being literally, in a knot.  However, in the matters of my Boy’s heart and feelings, yes I have told some good ones.  Most Mom’s have.  If you have been as fortunate as I to receive breakfast in bed, complete with rubber eggs, cold pancakes with a bottle of syrup, warm orange juice and coffee with a 1/2 cup of sugar you know the lies I tell.

At their young age I have had to tell them more cold, hard truths than anyone would want to hear.   Imagine being called from school to hear your Baby Sister has died.  What you wouldn’t do to shelter them from this pain.  No one likes the cold, hard truth that our Precious Babies and Children can be called home before they have had a chance to live.  Right or wrong, I don’t know………..but if there is an innocent lie that is going to shelter them or protect them than, yes, I might be less than honest………………HONESTLY.


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2 responses to “Honestly

  1. So, my car has been stopped not once, but twice about the need for me to read your blog. Cheryl, my daughters Montessori preschool teacher could not have been more insistent that I read your stuff. She even told me about you doing NaBloPo this month. She’s onto you!

    That being said, I’m so glad she did. You’ve got good stuff in here. Consider me hooked!

    And sweet Madeline…there are just no sufficient words from me. I’ll soak up your words for her!

    So glad I found you!

    • Carolyn, Thank you so much for your kind words. It made my day!! When I am writing I am never sure how it will be read or related to. So happy that you will be reading along. My boys are in a constant state of crazy busy and my Sweet Madeline, well, I could write about her all day. Thank you again!!!


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