Mind Meld

Which cape would you chose?

NaBloPoMo – Day 6

Soooooo………….Superhero’s,  The Brother’s have always been a fan.  The first hero ever to receive homage in our hallowed halls were the Power Rangers.  I remember a certain humid DC summer day shoving popsicles into The Big Brother because he refused to take off his vinyl Red Ranger costume and I was certain he was going to sweat off a good five pounds.  Alas, he did not………….must’ve been his super powers.

We still have the cherished costume, which would no long fit over The Big Brothers ankle, as well as many others.  Not to mention Johnny’s beloved Batman.  My point………..I don’t know……………just suffice it to say, given this resource I thought today’s topic would be a cinch.

What am I pondering?  “If  I had the superpower to know what everyone was thinking (but not saying) would you use it?  I did not want to rush to a decision, so I thought I would consult my experts…………The Brothers.  I thought this would be the beginning of three great conversations……………….I thought wrong!

Boys being boys (at least The Brothers being The Brothers) I discovered it is a complete waste of any of your brain power, super or not, to attach any deep meaning to their super hero desires.  The moving dialog went something like this…………….

Mommy – (Being very nonchalant) started with Johnny.  My thought, my Batman loving boy will be able to discuss this forever, I mean, he is the boy who follows me around reciting Batman factoids, right?  Again…………wrong!  Turns out, Johnny only discusses his obsessions on his own terms.

Me – Johnny, if you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Johnny – (Unimpressed)  I would have a death ray.

Me – (With great interest) Why?

Johnny – Because.

Me – Because why?

Johnny – I want to be able to blow things up.

(Next verse, same as the first)  Suffice it to say, he just wants to blow things up.

Next up……….The Big Brother.  Now, I thought, this could be a little trickier, being that he is to cool for school and all that.  He was game (weeelllll, he humored me).

Me – Big Brother, if you could have a super power which one would you want?

Big Brother – (Looking at me like I had finally really lost it, responded quickly) Superman.

Me – But what power of Superman.

Big Brother – All of them.

Me – (Not a quitter) Why?

Big Brother – Because he’s Superman.

Yes, Dear Reader, it was a classic Whose on First conversation.

So I try again.  But why Superman, which super power.

Big Brother (sounding sadly like me before I blow) I JUST WOULD WANT TO BE SUPERMAN AND I WANT ALL OF HIS SUPER POWERS.  I JUST DO.  NO REASON.

Guess he told me.  This research wasn’t going as I planned.  Thus far, I gained no deep insight into the workings of the little male mind.     Not a quitter, I forge ahead.  There is, after all, one last brother to poll.  So, I go in search of the Little Brother,  use the element of surprise, and pose the question of his super power desires.

Little Brother – I would be invincible.  

Me – Really?

Little Brother – Yep.  Cause I don’t want anything bad to happen to me.  If I’m invincible, nothing will.  Period.  End of story.  He exits the room.

Me, however, I am left with my mouth hanging open.  Of all boys, the Little Brother, used the element of surprise on me.  For the past almost 2 years now, since his Little Sister left us, I have been trying with all my power to get into this boys mind.  Find out what he is thinking.  Wanting to know the exact way to help  him come out from under his proverbial desk.  In one super moment he finally gave me some insight………….He just wants to be safe.  He doesn’t want any more bad things to happen to him.  Who can blame him.

I guess that answers my question.  Would I want to have the power to know what others are thinking?  When it comes to my three Little Men, for more moments like these……..without a doubt…………… YES!! !!!

Period.  End of story.



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2 responses to “Mind Meld

  1. Jeanne

    Some days I want what little brother wants.

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