Nip? Tuck?

Nip and tuck?  A little botox perhaps……………….am I tempted?  Would I consider?  Never say never…………….right?  This is the question that I am pondering today.

I would like to take the high road and announce, without a doubt, NO!  definitely not!  Possibly I should add that I am older, wiser and more confidant.  These lines and bags tell a story.  They tell of sadness, loss and grief.

On the other hand, I believe I also have my share of “laugh” lines.  Despite all of my sadness that I share, perhaps too openly, I am still capable of a good laugh.  In fact, I love when I catch myself by surprise and get to have a good ol belly laugh.  I owe this to the company of my Dear Friends who have given so much of themselves to keep me upright this last year and a half.  They have given me more than their shoulder to lean on and go above and beyond to help me find my way when there seems to be no way.

These friends take me as I am, hot mess and all.  So why would I mess with perfection?  To show them up with a new Joan Rivers look just wouldn’t seem right.  Also, what fun would it be to have a good ol belly laugh if nothing on my body is capable of jiggling??


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2 responses to “Nip? Tuck?

  1. i think you look great. don’t change a thing. 🙂

  2. I am crazy about body acceptance and just loving what you got. Laugh lines are memories of smiles that were on your face! With that being said I have a mole on my face that I have been debating with myself for eons on whether I should remove it or not.

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