Image is Everything?

Who I “think” I am

“Image is Everything.”  Isn’t that right……………isn’t that what they say.  I don’t know, I’m like The Little Brother, I’m having  a good time in the world in my head.  Hey, what’s not to like.  Look at me.  I mean, I clearly have it going on.  Good taste, sophistication, and talent…………oh yes, let’s not forget talent.  Not to brag………… but I have been known to walk and chew gum at the same time.

What am I pondering today?  “How much thought do I put into my online image.”  The truth is……………well let me just give a little bit of my day and you can judge.

In interest of keeping up my image, I substitute teach.  I have no specialty, so to speakbut I generally stay below 6th grade.  Today, in the interest of my image, I was the Music Teacher.  And no, I have pretty much no music experience.  Well, that is, unless you count the unfortunate six years I spent playing the clarinet.

With no lesson plan to speak of, I, you might say, wong it!  I sang, and I’m NO SINGER.   Saints were crying when  they heard my rendition  of When the Saints go Marching In.  I mean there are some students whose hearing may never be right again.  No bucket, no tune, you might say.  And I danced.   I have moves like……………..weeellllll, like no one, actually.  See, I’m not much of a dancer either.  Never really graduated past standing on my Dad’s feet as he danced around (Now, HE was an excellent dancer).  Me……..not so much.

So………………… I reflected on my day and the thought I put into my image, online or otherwise, I was reminded of a saying.  “Don’t want to go through life with your skirt tucked into your pantyhose.”  Readers, I’m afraid I might have received these words of wisdom……………….just a bit late.

Actual Image?

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