Waltzing Matilda?

Fox Trot, or something like that……….

Kickin it Old School (circa 1976) , cause that’s how I Roll.  (Seriously, I never talk like that, but it seemed a good way to start)  Plus I am cracking myself up.

Today’s writing quest………………”What is your favorite photo that someone has taken of you?”

When asked about a “favorite” photo, typically my thoughts jump straight to photos of my children.  Lots of fun and tender memories preserved.  Each one a treasure, as I have learned all to well.  Even in the digital age I don’t delete the bad shot because those also have there place in the trove of family treasures.  We  would only have half the family photos.  Getting a family photo taken without a little boy with a finger up his nose is a feat we have not yet conquered.

But back to me……………..

This time I changed course somewhat.  I thought truly about me.  A favorite photo of me.  After a few minutes of thought, the crazed search began.  I knew the photo I wanted but after the last nine moves, my childhood photos could be anywhere.  Success!  A favorite photo of ME.

Weelll,  me and My Dad. My Dad was a large size kind of guy but incredibly light on his feet.    Somewhat of a gentle giant in that regard.    I am about 10 years old and we are dancing at a wedding.  I love how I am looking at the camera with a big ol smile and my Dad is looking down at me with a slight grin (which was his smile).  I never doubted my father’s love for me and but I love how it shows here.  Such a great memory of dancing with him.   When I was a little girl,  I would stand on  his feet and we would waltz around the room.  I felt like I was all that, plus tax!  My time to be Daddy’s Girl.  At my wedding, we danced to “Wonderful World” and he was still trying to teach me to follow his lead.  I love to hear that song, remember  the little moments  I shared with him, that with the sands of time,  have become my treasured memories.

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