Semi Wordless Wednesday – This Love


Story Time.

Story Time.

All you need is this kind of love!



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11 responses to “Semi Wordless Wednesday – This Love

  1. Loy

    Sweet picture!Happy WW!

  2. Absolutely truer words were never written!

  3. How cute and adorable. Love it. 🙂

  4. As they say “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE” and this says it all 🙂 Thanks! It made my day!

    • Thank you! That was always my thought when someone would mention they could not give a child with Down Syndrome what they need. And loved she was…and is! Her Big Brother absolutely adored her.

      • Every child is a gift! Maybe people say that out of fear. As mothers we LOVE our babies unconditionally, no matter how little (or grown up) they are. And they ALL have something to teach us!
        Dont mean to ramble but, i thought id share:
        We talked about adoption for years, and for one reason or another it never happened. It was amazing that people would say stuff like. How could you adopt? How could you love a child you didn’t give birth to?
        I’d yell in my head – Are you ******* (make up your favorite word) kidding me??? How could you not instantly fall in love with any child that is given to you? It’s one of those things that drives me CRAZY!
        To calm myself down I just say to myself “these people don’t believe in angels!” Finally, I’d tell them I love angels and that’s what children are. I’d be honored to have any angel that crossed my path – even a borrowed one from a friend.
        Luckily, you and I believe in Angels,
        Hopefully we will be contagious :). You have certainly taught your boys about angels and they will pass it on to others too 🙂

  5. jim shunk

    That photo makes my heart hurt and happy at the same time.

  6. that sure is love, and I love that picture!

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